Greetings of Prime Minister Dr. Hani Al - Mulqi on Easter

Wed, 2017-04-19

His Excellency Prime Minister Dr. Hani Al Molki

Your Excellencies and Your Eminences

Honorable Attendance


Greetings love , peace and joy for your presence among us on this blessed day celebrating the glorious day of Resurrection on the day of victory over death and sin the day of freedom & liberation from oppressed clutches . Your Excellency you are most welcomed on this occasion at the Orthodox Diocese in Father’s Hussein Amman . This capital where the Mosque embraces the church , the first the muezzin calls for the great one God ,the second rings halleuia for God’s glory calling believers to Praise & Prostrate God , we meet on unity , renunciation of discord , accepting the other with all the beliefs & worship , moving forward to work on the Renaissance of our country , armed with Faith , knowledge& sincere intention standing hand in hand bearing in mind Jordan First and last . Your Excellency, we as Jordanian Christians are part of the entity of this Nation & its Society and do not differ but with obligations before rights of any person living in this giving country . We know the heavy difficulties and loads but let me in the midst of our welcome put before Your Excellency the fears of many from the near future & even the distant one equally . . Our sons , the children of this country are living a difficult economic situation affecting all educational , cultural , moral , political & intellectual levels and we herby fear the senses of terrorism to rise in the weak environment economically but we assure you of being with you with all strength in order to preserve our national unity and our political economic stability . Of course Your Excellency , the confidence and faith of King Abdallah Bin Al Hussein the Second is in its place , that’s why we count on your assistance and accordingly our assistance is reciprocate in the good citizenship and respective fatigue and work . Hope these words are not long but we are taking advantage of your presence to read the public scene , especially in this difficult time when the region is burning around us and we have to maintain our serenity and work double so that Jordan reached safety . We wish you all the best success and we stand and remain , the children of the church the mother of all churches who accompanied Era by Era crossing a national history . I convey greetings of His Beatitude the Holy Jerusalem Patriarchah Kirios Kirios Theofilos the Third from the Tomb of Salvation which was inaugurated again with the assistance and donation of His Majesty the sponser of the Christian and Moslem heritage May God save his Kingdom . On my behalf and my church brothers one all Love and thanks to Your Excellency wishing to continue serious cooperation for Jordan and Only Jordan . I pray God the Almighty to save Our King, our Government and our people to grace us with peace and mercy also offering condolences for the Martyrs of the Palm Sunday in Egypt hoping not to see such bloody events again praying God to keep Jordan safe from all dangers .

May God the Almighty reward you and guide you in his path

. Metropolie Venedictus

Metropolite of Philadelphia