Reception at Saint John the Baptist Monastery

Wed, 2014-02-05

On Monday afternoon 3/2/2014 , H.E. Metropolite Venedictus together
with Archmandrite Nectarius received the extinguished lady the Queen Rania’s
Abdallah Mother accompanied by the Prime Minister’s wife , the
Director of General Intelligence’s wife , the Minister of water & irrigation’s
wife , Doctor Amal Jreisat the Media Advisor to the Prime Minister escorted
by a number of ladies , Engineer Diaa Al Madani Director of the
Baptism site attended the meeting together with his Assistant Engineer
Rostom Muawneh .
H.E. Metropolite Venedictus explained the stages of the Monasteries
establishment & its aspirations of the future as well as the purpose of its
construction .
The guests toured the Monastery , Jordan River and visited the 1st built
church named Saint John the Baptist at the site .
The respected guests expressed their admiration to this place and the
work performed considering this work as a national action (Par
Excellence) , attributed by the Orthodox Diocese & the Orthodox
church for our Jordanian country indicating the nationality of this church
& its history of more than 2000 years and its authentic oriental roots .