On the Sidelines of H.E. Archbishop of Zodonis

Thu, 2014-01-30

Archbishop Krisostamos Metropolite of Zodonis upon an extended
invitation by the Tourism Promotion Authority of Jordan , visited the
Greek Embassy in Amman accompanied by H.E. Metropolite
Venedictus & Archmandrite Nectarius where he met with Her
Excellency the Ambassador and the Embassy Staff and discuss ways
of cooperation to start religious trips between Greece & Jordan , these
ways were also discussed with His Excellency the Minister of Tourism
Doctor Nidal Al Katameen who in his turn welcomed His Eminence and
his company .
Later the Archbishop guest visited the Orthodox Diocese , the Medical
Center , the Kindergarten , the church of Presentation of the Lord and
Saint Nectarius church .
Metropolite Isikhos and Fathers :Ibrahim Dabbour & Butrus Janho
attended the meeting at the Diocese .