Celebrations for Epiphany day at Baptism site 2014

Fri, 2014-01-17

The Orthodox Church in Jordan celebrated the Epiphany on Friday
17/1/2014 at the Saint John the Baptist Monastery , Jordan River
with the participation of a great number of Orthodox Parishioners
from all over the Kingdom and the Respectable Fathers of the
Orthodox Church presided by H.E. Metropolite Vendictus , the
Archbishop of Bella Philomenos Makhamreh and the chanters .
The Celebration was arranged by Priests : Alexious Kakeish ,
Soutirios Halaseh , Butrus Janho , Salem Medanat with the Assistence
the Jordan Orthodox Youth and Scout of Amman and Fuheis .
H.E. Minister of Tourism Dr. Nidal Al Katameen , H.E. Minister of
Public work and housing Sami Al Halaseh , a number of Deputees & Ambassadors , the Head of the Municipality of Fuheis & the President and Members of the Orthodox Club in Amman .
Archmandrite Nectarius on behalf of H.E. addressed the presence
as follows :
My Brother Archbishop of Bella Philomenos Makhamreh
Your Excellences and Presence
Respectable Fathers
Parishioners Beloved By God
Peace , Grace & Blessings , we hereby today meet to celebrate the
Baptism of Our God Jesus Christ by Saint John the Baptist /Jordan River as per Our Eastern Orthodox Church as per old customes .
Some days ago we celebrated the Birth of the Savior which was
followed by His Circumcison ending the Law on the 8th Day of Birth
assuring the Testament between God & Abraham Our Father whereas
what we see in this day by the Holy Spirit descending as a pigeon and hearing God’s voice from the cloud : “ THIS IS MY BELOVED
SON I’M HAPPY WITH “ , the one holding the sin’s of the world
as we are living a New Testament with the Grace of the Sacred Baptism and the Holy Spirit survey through the Sacred Chrism thus
becoming alive in the light Holy knowledge Era after being under
death shadows .
Voices heard in the Rama shadows crying & wailing as Rachal crying
on her children being absent according to this rumbler noise of the great massacre : Saint John the Baptist started his life in the wilderness of Jordan and all Jerusalem and Judea were coming to
him to be baptized while he was waiting for the expected one while
he was preparing the path for him asking people to go back to the right path until the hour came were the slave by the Holy Will permitted to the slave to put his hand on the master to execute the
righteousness from there Jesus started his cruise in the wilderness ,
villages & cities calling , preaching , repent as the Kingdom of Heaven is near . where is this Kingdom it is inside all of you yes
you who believes by , you the son’s of the one baptism , that’s why
we are here today not to celebrate but to announce our faith , fix our
warp and asking God for his grace as according to this day God’s voice was heard the Son was seen and the Holy Spirit present , on
this day John the Baptist baptized the expected Jesus ( MESSIAH)
yes from this Holy land the happy news was set for the whole world
as after seeing the master as a child we see him now preaching the
Holy Gospel calling all to be one as he is one with the Father and one
with the Holy Spirit equal in the Essence and not Separated .
So today we are in this place coming from everywhere to this old and
new wilderness not to see the Baptist but to see the master putting our
baptism new drawing for our burrying and resurrection with him , thus becoming Son’s of Resurrection and all should follow their example although our human sins and weakness are present but he is
the Just , Fair to forgive all our sins if we confessed them by reverence and repentance tears , this is a repeated baptism to be lived daily in order to be aware of our sins and leave the others with their
sins . how can we pray the Lord’s prayer & we don’t forgive the sins
of others , it is not strange to live in a troubled world in the absence of
leaving the offense and abuse for others , how can we accordingly
condemn the world for his cruelty , for killing , kidnapping , wars ,
violence and woes & we are personally cannot forgive for those who
offended us and expect the whole universe to mend his way and thus
the world become beautiful how this can be and we are the reason of
its misery .
So this is a love Feast asking for forgiveness and I’m the first to ask
for it as I hereby confess that I am human and who among humans is
not a sinner , I came here today to refresh my Spirit in this Feast maybe you do to so that Our Beloved Jordan be safe by your prayers
and love so don’t let love to cool but pray feverly while the sky is opened hearing you all praying for Our Jordan , Our King , Our People and Our Church also Our Sacred Monastery and all Monasteries as well and the Believers kneeling for peace , love ,
security and reassurance .
Pray so that we be real Disciples to transmit the word and to give with our presence in this troubled orient the best illuminated picture of
Christianity and the national cohesion in our country Jordan which
became by God’s Will an example of living together between its
son’s far from extremism , fanaticism & barbarism , a truthful daily
example with churches and monasteries and Moslems and Christians
living together , asking God to save Our King Abdullah the Second
and all those serving our country for its development also we pray for
the return of the two kidnapped bishops in Syria and the Saint Takla
Monastery , the nuns also to grant the world glorious grace .
I cannot but raise my thanks and respect to His Highness Prince Ghazi Bin Mohamed Chief Committee Trustees of the Baptism site
who offers all Assistance and makes great efforts to present it as a
real Holy place also we thank Eng. Mr Diaa Al Madany and those
working in his department respectively also our parishioners and
those who arranged for this celebration with the Orthodox Youth
and Scout of Amman and Fuheis , the chanters and the Spiritual
son Charly Wahab who arranged for the audio equipments and all
those who pray with us today thanking them for their presence not
to forget also to thank H.E. Minister of Tourism Dr. Nidal Al Katameen who honored us with his presence care , concern and
assistance and from the deep of my heart I thank H.E. Eng. Sami
Al Halaseh Minister of Public work and housing for his efforts
and help as he shared the sewerage and drainage network for the
Monastery also I hereby extend prayers and grace of His Beatitude
Patriarch of the Holy Jerusalem Kirios Kirios Theofilos the Third
Also I thank my brother H.E. Archbishop of Bella Philominos
Makhamreh for his attendance and participation giving us his
blessings in this day wishing him a parish blessed service .
I hope I did not forget to mention anyone , and if I did please
execuse me wishing everybody goodness and grace and happy
feasts and my deep thanks to the Respectable Deputies and Notables
Ambassadors , the Head of Municipality of Fuheis and Members and
President of the Orthodox Club in Amman , for their presence in sharing this celebration .
May God Assist us for all good and fruitful and happy feast
Your beloved worshipper by Jesus Christ
Metropolite Venedictus
Metropolite Philadelphia
The ceremony ended by heading to the Jordan River and throwing the
Cross and blessing the water .